Disability Insurance

What is your most valuable asset?
For most of you, it’s your ability to practice your specialty and provide an income for your family. If you continue to work until retirement, you will be able to earn a small fortune. Long term injury or illness is one of life’s major financial risks, with potentially devastating financial outcomes. Protecting your income is critically important to your family’s financial security.

Since 1989, MJB has specialized in providing disability insurance to our nationwide clientele. As brokers, we represent you, working with the highest rated insurance companies that provide coverage in your specialty (own occupation) with the lowest possible premiums. Our goal is to insure that our clients and their families are able to maintain their standard of living if a disability claim occurs.

“We don’t want our clients paying too much or too little to adequately protect their income.” Please use the links below for additional resources and informational videos:



Life Insurance

Life insurance is all about protecting the ones you love. Although an insurance contract can never replace you, it can help your family maintain their standard of living in the event of your premature death.

As brokers, we help you identify the companies that are most appropriate for your life insurance needs. We are dedicated to making sure our clients are properly protected from life’s critical financial risks, including an untimely death. A life insurance death benefit should create an adequate emergency and opportunity fund as well as provide a monthly income for the length of time your family requires.

Our goal is to insure that our clients and their families are able to maintain their standard of living following the death of a financially responsible/caregiver loved one. Please use the link below for additional resources and informational videos:





Retirement Planning

Whether you’re just starting out or close to retirement. We would love to discuss how we can help you visualize your retirement lifestyle and make sure you’re on a safe financial path based on your unique circumstance.

We suggest a “retirement stress test” to determine whether you have enough savings, assets and income to maintain your standard of living for life.

Most people have a number of questions concerning their retirement, including:

Have I saved enough money to provide an income for the rest of my life?

What if I suffer a serious illness or injury requiring long term care?

What if the market suffers a sustained downturn during retirement?

How will I be able to afford healthcare and prescription drugs?

We are here to answer your questions and to see if we’re a good fit to provide you with a goal-based retirement plan.

If you’re married and haven’t done so already, you should discuss if you have similar or different ideas of your ideal retirement and plan accordingly.

We can discuss and evaluate long term care insurance alternatives as a way to transfer the extremely high cost of providing health care, have options for the type of care (home or facility) and protect your assets.

Providing a retirement income by de-cumulating your assets is one of the most difficult financial times we will all face. Making errors at this point can be irrecoverable, affecting whether you last longer than your income does.

Our investment goal is to determine how to best create a retirement income that will last a lifetime.

Three very important financial risks in retirement are:

  1. Timing: what if you retire during a significant market downturn.
  2. Inflation: will your income that keeps pace with rising costs.
  3. Longevity: will your retirement income last a lifetime.

We help determine the appropriate way for you to either transfer or avoid the three most important financial risks based on your risk tolerance and life expectancy. We continue to monitor your results to see if you’re on the right financial path and make adjustment when needed.

The advantage of time:


When it comes to saving for retirement, time really is money. The reason is compounding – the snowball effect that occurs when the earnings on your investment begins to generate their own earnings. Over longer periods, it potentially can have a substantial impact on the growth of your money.

The value of an early start:

Thirty-five year old Eve is an early bird. She puts $1000 a month into her retirement plan every year until she is 45. After contributing $120,000 for those 10 years, she never adds another dime.

Paul, on the other hand, is a procrastinator. He doesn’t tuck anything away until he is 45. He saves $1000 a month, but continues for 20 years, until age 65. His contributions total $240,000.

With an annual return of 7%, who wins? Paul is clearly in a good position, having accumulated $492,000 at age 65. Despite saving $120,000 less, Eve still maintains a substantial edge, accumulating $642,000 at age 65.

Eve’s extra 10 years of compounding more than makes up for the shortfall in her contributions. Eve, the early investor, comes out $150,000 ahead in 30 years. Most likely, Eve would have continued to contribute, adding to her advantage.

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